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i go by mark but mostly

i'm amerine on the internet

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The best place to run code on the internet. Your kubernetes is trying to be us.

I'm an Architect at Salesforce. Me and my team design and build the Heroku Platform. We invented the modern PaaS and 12 Factor Apps. View Work

OpenStack on Ales

An amazing little OpenStack Conference we did one time.

Me and my ruby on ales partners in crime tried to throw an OpenStack conference once. View Work

Ruby on Ales

The best Ruby Conference in Oregon.

From 2011 to 2016 me and a wonderful group of friends made sure Oregon had the best Ruby conference on the West Coast. View Work

Hey, I’m Mark, nice to meet you!

I'm a technical leader and developer who builds your dreams.

I build platforms at Salesforce.

I mostly love art and everything beautiful.

I've become an expert at building profitable, secure, fast & scalable cloud-based systems and solving hard problems. I love product design, development and prototyping. I can make Linux, Networks and the Cloud do anything.

I’d love to learn about your company and see how I can help, feel free to send me an email!

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